Project Management


We Make Teams Work

From smaller consulting and analysis projects such as an Environmental Assessment or technology evaluation to large projects requiring permitting, siting, construction and integration, Sinc Energy makes teams work.

Drawing on expertise in project development, permitting, regulatory analysis and interface, multi-pronged parallel development efforts, and managing projects up to $350 million in scope, we get the job done. We know that operations of facilities need to be integrated into the permitting process in a way that works for all stakeholders, from the facility to the regulator. Communicating needs among these parties can require skilled analysis and presentation of information to get to common ground.


Inevitably, unexpected issues arise as projects play out. Minimizing these issues through planning and experience and tackling them immediately leads to improved results. We engage early with stakeholders, whether regulatory, investors, public, or customers, avoiding or minimizing many problems and creating pathways to project success. Effective risk management confronts issues early and invests the time to communicate project benefits to all stakeholders.